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Hinckley Past & Present is an online community for all things Hinckley Past and Present (Leicestershire, UK).

The premier group for Hinckley and the local area was setup in February 2014 to bring the local community together and also for people that have left the area to keep in touch as well as giving new comers into the area a good resource of information.

The website's main function is to make awareness of the local history that has happened throughout the years. This is a fantastic resource if you are researching into Hinckley’s history as an adult or if you are doing a school project.

Local History

Take a look at the Hinckley History Timeline page for a brief history of the town where you will get a flavour of the varied past that Hinckley has had, from Roman times through to medieval, then to Victorian times (which can still be seen around Hinckley) and up to present day.

Click on the links to see further details of that event, this also provides a great way to explore the website. If you can’t find what you are looking for then have a look through the Sitemap which displays all the pages on the website.

Past and Present photos

We have both old and new photos of the town and events, Transformations that show a photo from Present then displays the same view from the Past, these are unique to this online group.

Facebook Group - Online Community

We have a Facebook Group that is a great place to post your memories, photos, find old friends & workmates, lost or stolen items, current issues or inform us of Hinckley related events. If you have moved away from Hinckley, then the Facebook Group is the place for you to keep in contact with what is happening around the town, or if you are new or thinking about moving to Hinckley or the surrounding area then the group is good for asking various questions.

To gain access to the group just click on the Facebook button at the bottom of the page, we look forward to seeing you.

Blue Plaque Campaign

We are running a Blue Plaque Campaign, which is to find all the Blue Plaques within the Hinckley & Bosworth Borough. Blue Plaques show us the buildings where famous people have lived and worked and what the building was used for in the past.

Hinckley Historian

The Hinckley Historian Magazine is written for the Hinckley Local History Group; in this section you are able to see some of the articles that we have permission to show.

You can find out about the award winning local historian Hugh Beavin and read other historical articles that were written by him.

Oral History

We merged with ‘David J Wood’s Collection of Oral History’ website during March 2016. This section gives you 50 pages of more local history thorough fascinating interviews with local people giving their memories of their life and times in and around the areas of Hinckley, Burbage, Barwell, Stoke Golding, Earl Shilton, etc.

Photographic Archive

We merged with ‘Earl Shilton and Barwell Photographic Archive’ website during March 2017. This section is made up of 235 pages and 11,096 photos of local scenes and family history mainly from the area of Barwell and Earl Shilton.

War Memorial Search

Search the War Memorial of Hinckley, Burbage, Barwell, Earl Shilton and Stoke Golding, find your ancestor from our database of names from the conflicts of World War I, World War II and 20th Century Wars.

Feedback is welcomed

We would welcome your comments by using our Feedback Form to help make Hinckley Past & Present better.

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